Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Baby Legs

On Sweetpea's Blog there was a recent mention of a product called Baby Legs. Basically these are leg warmers for babies...because the 80's are never really gone.

One of my best friends, Lindsay who also has a blog, gave us a couple of pair of these when she found out we were having a girl. Yea! for baby presents!

Honor looks adorable in these red and white striped Baby Legs. She also has some light blue ones with snowmen on them, but she had spit up her carrots on these earlier in the day. I especially like how her red fuzzi bunz go with her baby legs. SO CUTE!!!


Jana said...


thanks for posting this! :)

Lindsay said...

Yea for Baby Legs! They are especially cute with the colored diapers!

I never could find any that I thought were "manly" enough for JTC, so thanks for providing a girl I could buy them for!

Kellsey said...

I would say, "anytime", but that really involves a lot, so perhaps I'll just say I was glad to be able to provide this last time around. ;-)