Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Problem, Your Solution

One of the speakers at the PGF conference was Alex Gee. He told the story of a young man who was somehow connected with his church family but who was a cocaine addict. Word came to Gee that the young man was out of his mind at a crack house and desperately in need of intervention. Gee got one of the biggest men in his congregation to go with him to the place. They broke the door down, went in, found the young man, and carried him out.

Later, when the young man came around, Gee said that he shook his finger in the young man's face and said "We've got to get ahold of your drug problem."

The young man said, "Drugs are not my problem. Drugs are my solution. You've never asked me what my problem is."

Gee said that the light suddenly went on.

And it went on for me as well. I have been thinking about that story ever since that talk. People who are problems to me may be people whose "problems" are really their way of working out things that I don't take the time to see. Maybe if I took the time, I would be less of a judge and more of a friend.

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Kellsey said...

insightful. thanks!