Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bum Genius is Bumtastic!

I just wanted to update everyone on one of my new favorite diapers. Yes, I know, "diapers again". well, I am a mother of two children under the age of three, so give me a break, alright? ;-)

I still love my fuzzi bunz, and would consider fuzzi bunz the backbone of my cloth diaper collection, but these Bum Genius 2.0 All-in-one diapers ROCK! They are as close to disposables as you can get: they don't have to be stuffed with anything, they don't have to be pulled apart to wash, and they have stretchy tabs on the side that make for a great fit.

My mom really likes using these with Honor. Macon says that he thinks they are easier since you don't have to figure out which snaps are the right ones so that the FB's are not too loose (and leak) or not too tight (and hurt). So, if you are in the market for some cloth diapers, but fear how difficult they can be, then these are the gateway drug for you...did I say drug? I meant diaper, although I must admit that once you get started on cloth, it can be addicting.


Jana said...

Have you ever looked at It rates tons of diapers and bumgenius is the second-best out of dozens of brands. :)

Kellsey said...

I have, in fact. Diaperpin is a great site! I'm glad that you've checked it out. Great resource!

Macon said...

they're no kettlebells, but they're ok anyway.

Scott said...

Should we take over the comments and describe the worst diapers ever changed? Nah.

Emilie said...

Let us know how they hold up over time. That's my only complaint about cloth right some point, they just seem to have a slight smell... :)

Now for "too much information" between moms: I've wimped out and gone to using a disposable each day at the time when I expect the stinkiest diaper. It's just easier. Never fear, though - I still dump it out.

True confessions.

Kellsey said...

Emilie, I have found the way to wash my fuzzi bunz so that they do not smell anymore at all. It's crazy. I thought I'd never get the smell out of Aidan's, and now I am thinking that if Honor is a skinny little kid like him that we can definitely reuse the FB's for her.

if you want to know, email me and we can talk more off-blog. although I am sure that EVERYONE is just waiting with breathless anticipation for my washing description, I think we'll just have to make them pine.