Monday, August 27, 2007

Unhold the French Fries

While Republican Senator Warner of VA is moving left on Iraq, the French, according to WSJ's Saturday edition,

may be prepared to provide assistance to Iraqi troops and police, part of Sarkozy's effort to improve relations with the U.S.

Yes, I will have fries with that. In fact, please make them French fries. (And no VA ham in that McMuffin).

(By the way, is there any meaning anymore to the word "Republican" insofar as it applies to a political party? I raise this as a registered Democrat, throwing a rock, as it were, from a fragile glass house. [The country is ripe for a radical political party realignment. Please get on with it.])

UPDATE: Super-size those FRENCH fries!!



Sean Meade said...

i really agree on realignment. perhaps you and i should start a PAC... ;-)

Paul Stokes said...

Sounds good, Sean. I'm thinking of changing my registration to "Independent". But in FL you cannot vote in the primaries if you are an independent. On second thought, who really wants to vote in the primaries, Democrat or Republican.