Sunday, August 12, 2007

"The thing I like most and a lot of guys like most is that they don't talk about other schools or about football. They talk about life."

So said [Miami] Northwestern quarterback Jacory Harris about the recruiting efforts of the UM coaching staff. He's a five star UM recruit, one of a remarkable number of top high school seniors (17) who have made a non-binding commitment to the 'Canes this summer. Read the whole story in the Herald this morning about the impact the new coach Randy Shannon is already having on this and other aspects of the program.

FSU is having similar early recruiting success, the article notes. But there is something a little different going on at the UM, with its black head coach and the special relationship he and his colleagues have with the black high school football coaches in Miami-Dade, territory from which the UM originally built its powerhouse programs.

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