Monday, August 27, 2007


It's 5:45 on Saturday afternoon, and Aidan, Honor and I have just enjoyed a great spend-the-night time at Pa-Pa's and Sue-Sue's ranch. We are driving into our street to come home when Aidan says, "Mom-ma, is our house broken?" I stop the car and look at the house, "well, let's see, does it look broken?" "no, Mommy, it doesn't."

I then turn into the driveway and down into our carport where I find that our house was in fact "broken." Our kitchen door window had been smashed with a large rock and there was glass everywhere.

In the meantime, Macon is about to board a flight from Seattle to Austin. He has been away for work over the last couple of nights. I call him, "Love, our house has been broken into".


"our house has been broken into. The kitchen door is smashed and the door is unlocked"

"call the police"

"okay, and I'll take Aidan to our neighbor's"

"good idea"

"Love you"

"love you, too"

Poor Macon. He boarded the flight and had to wait at least 4 hours before he found out anything else.

Our neighbors were wonderful. They took Aidan, fed him, bathed him and put him in their son's pajamas. Back at home, I have gone through the house with the police and many other neighbors have shown up to help. I called my parents and they come out to help fix the door and to pick up Aidan and bring him home.

Eventually, my dad had put up a piece of plywood over the hole in the door, I put the kids to bed an hour late, my neighbors all went home, Walter and Morgan came over and we all hung out until Macon arrived home around 10 or 10:30.

I was so glad to see him.

The burglar got my laptop, our new camera, macon's briefcase, my new ipod, our ipod dock, old ipods, a diaper bag (yes, a diaper bag), and an airport extreme--not to mention that they destroyed my kitchen door. We think they used the diaper bag to haul the ipods in, but who knows? Maybe they felt the need for some huggies size 5's?

I am so glad that they did not make off with any of my Fuzzi Bunz or my Bum Genius AIO's! YEA!

Strangely enough, I did not ever feel super shaken. I know that I was somewhat shaken as I could not remember all the words to Honor's lullaby that night, but mainly I think I felt the peace of God and thankfulness that my children and husband were all okay.

we'll see if I was just in shock and will have an emotional melt-down later. I certainly did have some nerves when i was trying to fall asleep after getting up to nurse Honor.

crazy times, people, crazy times...


Paul Stokes said...

I'm so glad that you and the children are all right.

Lindsay said...

Oh, Kells, I'm so glad you are ok! You did all the right things, and good for little Aidan seeing that things were not right! I'm grateful that you have good neighbors and family in town. I'm so glad Macon was on his way home. I'm so sorry you lost all those things. I know they're just things, but it can be a hassle to deal with. Boo. Big hugs from me!

Macon said...

This definitely has some upside: Kellsey already got a new, Black, MacBook. I'm going to get a different kind of tool. More explosive, more moving parts.

Kellsey said...

Ah, some good news: Macon found his briefcase! Yahoo! Turns out it was in the car. I am so glad that this was not stolen, too!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am so thankful that you all are allright! I'm very sorry about the break-in, though!! But it's good to hear there are some bits of good news.

Sean Meade said...

sorry for the trouble, loss, and broken-into-ness, but glad y'all are alright.

sweetpea said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. It's such a bad feeling having things stolen from you and your space invaded. Thankful you are okay! :)

Scott said...

I think the appropriate response is to wall off the entire neighborhood, extricate yourselves from the would-be hoodlems and live completely sheltered from society. That's what Jesus would do. (just kidding, of course.)

Sorry for the drama. Glad y'all are OK. Crazy times indeed.

Katy said...

I'm glad everyone is safe. I can't imagine how violated I would feel! How dare they!

Kellsey said...

someone apparently tried to access my apple account since I just got an email saying that I won't be able to reset my password since I couldn't answer the security questions.

I did not try to access my apple account for the last 4 or 5 days, so I know it wasn't me trying to reset my password.

this somehow makes me feel more violated than having my house broken into...

strange, that.