Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Building Trains

Lately, Aidan has taken to building things with his blocks. Usually, he builds his "house" and then he builds a Starbucks. (insert all your snide comments here about our family addiction to the 'bucks). Anyways, most recently he built a train--a train that was going to Starbucks. ;-)

Here's photos of his train.


Anonymous said...

That is so cool!! Aidan's dad was quite a builder with blocks at that age, too. I love the train to Starbucks!

kristen said...

Very cool!

The question is, does Aidan like the vanilla milk or the chocolate milk?

Kellsey said...

Well, he drinks chocolate silk at home on a regular basis, so when he goes to starbucks he gets the vanilla milk and he calls it his "special milk".


how 'bout your girls?

Paul Stokes said...

Please. This post is about trains. It's a guy thing, and that's a great, great train, Aidan!

Lindsay said...

That's too funny about Starbucks!

kristen said...

I do like the train, and I think it is excellent work, but, you know, I've got to know about kids and their Starbucks habits!

Ours like the vanilla for the same reason, though I have figured out how to make a mean vanilla milk when we are out of chocolate syrup.

I will say that I was a lot more cheerful about buying one child a drink at starbucks than two... :)

Paul Stokes said...

Men, can I get some help here? This train post keeps getting back to milk, of all topics.