Sunday, July 18, 2010


I just needed a place to vent something:

what is with scheduling so many races (5K, 10K, etc) on Sunday mornings these days?!!! I want to find a challenging and fun run to do with my family, and almost every single thing I pulled up is on a Sunday morning. So disappointing. The only one we might possibly be able to do is a 5k that starts at 7:10am very near our house. We could easily run that and be home in time to do very quick showers before jumping in the car for church. But, what I really want to do that day is the 10k, and ain't no way, no how that we can finish that in time to make it to the service.

I am so bummed.

whatever happened to all those races that used to be on Saturday mornings???


Paul Stokes said...

We saw this coming as we were raising the children, and began to see soccor games scheduled on Sundays. The children were finally out of the household when the wholesale abuse of Sunday seemed to take over. But we see it not only regarding runs, but other events. The University of Chicago Alumni Association, for example, will schedule local events at 11AM!
Pagans don't know better, but Christians certainly do - and look how the Christians use Sundays. I think we are in a difficult position to complain. (Not you, Kellsey. I'm speaking of Evangelicals geneally.) We just need to organize our own 5Ks on Saturday.

But it's raining in my heart! said...

Some churches meet on Saturday or Sunday evenings.

I'm with Paul. Not so very long ago stores were locked up tight on Sundays; family's spent Sunday afternoon preparing and consuming lunch, followed by long conversations and kids playing outside. Outside, because there was no AC inside. Most didn't go to the movies on Sunday and there was no football or golf on TV. Many allowed themselves permission for napping on Sunday afternoon.

None of this solves your problem, except maybe Saturday evening church;-)

Anonymous said...

One of my pastor friends and his wife are constantly running on Saturday mornings here in Atlanta. My advice? Start your own or move to Atlanta. (I know..., not that helpful am I.)


Kellsey said...

Yeah, I think there are still a lot of people in Atlanta who make church a priority. I would not characterize Austin that way...Dallas may be the buckle of the Bible belt, but Austin isn't even on the belt any more (if they ever were...)

Carol said...

Church is not exactly a priority for most people in Miami, either. Once a told a soccer coach that Mary would not be going with the team for an Easter Weekend soccer tournament on the west coast of Florida. His response was that yeah, he understood that Easter was a big family weekend. I responded that family wasn't the issue - it was a time we wanted to go to church to worship. I don't think he had really considered that.

Paul Stokes said...

It's not only the worship, it's also about the rest. Coming home from church, taking a nap, doing nothing, chilling, hanging out.