Saturday, July 31, 2010

Breakfast with the McKenzies

This morning we loaded up two cars and drove Downtown to meet the McKenzies and have breakfast. We parked in our usual parking garage a block from our office, and escalated up to the adjacent Metro-Mover platform, catching a car heading north to the Omni. We met the McKenzies there in the lobby of the Hilton, and led them back to the Metro-Mover and back downtown. We found a little restaurant that gave us a room almost to ourselves and had a wonderful visit.

Jennifer McKenzie is Carol's niece, Mary Ann's daughter. She is married to Preston, and they have three daughters, Taylor, Bailey, and Abigail. They live in Minneapolis, but for the last several weeks they have been staying in an apartment in Manhattan, where Preston has been getting acquainted with the company for which he is the new chief executive.

But last night they flew in to Miami just to see us this morning. Oh, and while they are down here, they are going on a cruise this afternoon for a week, with a great gathering of other members of Preston's clan. We will see them again next weekend, though, when they come back, and by then Walter, Morgan, Felicity, and Nautica will be in town.

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