Saturday, July 17, 2010

No Kidding?

The kid-free lead rich lives full of pleasures many of us procreators miss: Leisurely weekend mornings! World travel! Regular sex!

From an opinion piece in the Miami Herald this morning.

I don't get any of this. The problem with weekends are big yards that need cutting. My Saturday mornings are great, and they are usually at the office. Sunday mornings are at a church centered more or less on the Gospel, which has had a lot to do with Carol and me staying married. World travel? Shoot, without our kids our travel would be back and forth to Sawgrass Mills. Do you want me to comment on the "regular sex" part? Probably not. But whatever it is we have and have had, put a couple of exclamation points behind it.


Kellsey said...

great post...I laughed out loud. I think that the people who do the world travel part must be paying someone to take care of their yard, or maybe they own a condo. I also think that they did not interview people who like to regularly exercise on Saturday mornings because if you are someone who trains for marathons, half-marathons, or even just 5k's, morning runs/rides/etc, are often a part of that deal. No laying around in bed all Saturday morning for those people. Not to mention that (again, unless you are paying someone to do it for you) Saturday mornings are often the best time to get the house cleaning done. Especially because when you have a couple without kids, they usually both work all week and there's got to be some time when you vacuum, scrub the toilets, and dust the shelves.
I suppose it is possible that we might have traveled more if we had not had kids, but even with kids we were able to go to Italy and enjoy a wonderful week there. We often travel to Miami and Colorado. We get to enjoy the mountains and the beach, and to be honest, what I remember most about those trips are the precious and/or hilarious things that my kids do. They are certainly more entertaining than I ever am, even if they are exhausting to be around.
And, I don't suppose I am will comment on the rest of the assertions....

Paul Stokes said...

Amen to all that! Kids at home are wonderful, a good bit of the time. But then there is a life after kids-at-home too.

I think that "it's-all-about-me" people are also "it's all about now" people. They just don't understand the idea of seasons.

Carol said...

I'm also wondering how attractive that life is going to seem to them when they get old. They will have no children or grandchildren to bring joy to their lives. And there will be no one younger to be interested in them or care for them in their old age.