Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Air. I have never been in air like this. It took me several hours to figure it out - something was different, and then I realized how clear and bright everything looked, a little like the way everything looked when I first looked through perscription eyeglasses. But I was wearing no glasses. We are at an altitude of 9000 feet and there is no pollution, or if there is, then it is nothing compared to what we live in at home. The sun is bright, the colors are bright and deep. This is new.

The air is also empty, waiting for fragrances. As I walked along the guard's trail around the school campus, I picked up for just a few moments a cigar and a few minutes later a woodfire - not long, because there are so many places for the smells to run. When we finished unpacking the car, I washed my hands in Mary's bathroom, and then walked outside again. to the yard where the car was parked. Jill remarked on a pleasant fragrance in the air. It was just the residue of the handsoap.

I was not out long, really, but I had some "sun" on my nose and my forehead. I brought some sunscreen, and am going to need to use it every day. In this air.

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