Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Brunch Traditions
Every Stokes Christmas Day, we have a sausage egg breakfast caserole. Oh man oh man. It is so yummy. This year, the Stokes Patriarch & Matriarch were visiting the Stokes Scions in Austin. Brunching at Walt & Morgan's new house, we also enjoyed the company of Kellsey's parents.

Sue, surprised that Stokes would each such heart-clogging fare as the sausage egg caserole (and cheese grits!), made a comment to the effect of, "This even has biscuits and gravy in it!"

Which set me to thinking: Somewhere, back in the mists of time, a very wonderful person was eating a farm breakfast of eggs, biscuits, gravy, sausage and cheese. That wonderful person (perhaps the cook?) thought, "You know, these things all taste so good. I bet they would taste even better if they were cooked and served all together!"

Thank You, Mrs. Sausage Egg Breakfast Caserole Maker! Wow!

And now, I'm off to run several miles and throw the kettlebell, so as to turn this delicious calorie bomb into useful energy and muscle.

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