Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hello on Sunday. I have been wanting to post something for days. I hate to look at that Tancredo post the first thing. I almost took it down. I find him and his message that disgusting. Sorry.

Carol and I went to a Christmas dinner at the Dewhursts last night. Van and Juliet were there, as were Hank and Marti Spence. Hank's been coming to our Friday morning breakfasts, and he reads our blog. He told me about the many missionaries in his family. There are even four martyrs among them, men who were murdered in Brazil in the early 70s. His family includes Rob Spach, the chaplain at Davidson College. Rob's father is a former moderator of the PCUS. (Another connection to the Spachs: my lawyer friend, Paul Louis, a giant of a litigator, knew Bob's father. They were in the Army Air Force together in WWII.)

I have been wanting to post on what we learned about the schools in Kenya, particularly in the area around Kijabe. The availability of a lunch makes a tremendous difference in school attendance. The government does not supply the lunches, but outside people may, and missionaries connected with RVA are doing so. It is so cheap! Fifteen dollars will buy one lunch for one child for an entire school term (3 months). One of Mary's friends on the faculty at RVA is ramrodding a program in Old Kijabe, and I will post the details when I get them. Another missionary there who has a large program going is Steve Peifer, and here is where he describes it. How can one not save his loose change and feed a little one over there for three months!

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