Tuesday, December 19, 2006

World Magazine on Africa. Two interesting articles in the December 16 issue: One of them describes the work of the magazine's "Daniels of the Year", Peter Jasper Akinola and Henry LUke Orombi, whose "biblical stands are making a difference not only in Africa but in the United States, as the crisis in the oldest American denomination [Episcopal] reaches its climax."

The other pertains to the AIDs ministry of Rick Warren and Saddleback Church.

In the November 19th issue, World had this article on AIDs prevention in Uganda. (This article is in the magazine's "archives", and you may need to buy a subscription to access the entire article. If you already subscribe to the magazine, then you need simply register. If you do not subscribe, you can buy an internet only subscription. But I find the paper magazine handy to drop in my brief case and read during the "down" moments of the day. It is really not very expensive.)

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