Friday, July 25, 2008

10th Anniversary Crud

You know what stinks? When it is your tenth anniversary and you are both sick with the bug that your kids gave you after touching everything at the doctor's office earlier this week. Kellsey got it first (so perhaps I touched something at the doctor's office, or maybe I was just faster to develop the bug? or maybe the kids were beginning to feel nasty before they could articulate it? who knows...), then Honor and Aidan, and now Macon. While the kids seem perfectly better at this point, Kells is still fighting a lingering sense of nausea and cumulative exhaustion.

We are hoping to get to celebrate sometime soon, but at least for now Macon got to spend the day at home from work. (poor guy!!!) And, Kellsey is experiencing the giggles because she is just so tired she can't help it.

Some good news in this is that the last time Aidan had the throw-ups, he was prescribed a drug called zofran. It was originally developed for chemo patients to help with the nausea experienced after treatments. It is often prescribed now for pregnant women to help combat morning sickness. Anyway, I consider it the miracle drug because it immediate stops Aidan from throwing up. The good news part is that we had some left over from last time and were able to use it again to help him weather this bug. Thanks be to God!


Paul Stokes said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you've all been sick!

Lindsay said...

Congrats on the landmark anniversary! Sorry y'all are so sick, though. =(

Ditto on the Zofran!