Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our son, the budding carpenter

Today Macon worked on putting together a board which needed to be built out so it could be hung on the back of our TV Armoire. So, he built it out and then covered it with some batting and a bolt of denim that I had picked out with Honor this morning at Hancock's Fabric store.

Aidan, of course, assigned himself as Daddy's assistant worker. By the end, he spent most of his time drilling holes in a spare piece of wood. What I found most delightful, was how very satisfied he was with himself for drilling these holes. You should know, he drilled those holes VERY well indeed!


Paul Stokes said...

Great! Thanks for these (and the previous post's) pictures. (I hope Granddaddy got the appropriate credit for that electric drill/screwdriver Aidan was wielding.)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE all these pictures and the stories!