Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Morning Thoughts

I'm on Amazon's email list, and it's one of the few commerical, non-lawyer sources I don't use MailWise to weed out. I received one today advising that there are 140,000 book titles now accessible through the Kindle. I really have the itch for one of those devices, but looking at the matter reasonably, I have no lack of books to read right now and have no access problem whatever. It's just the gadget aspect, I'm sure.

I started with a trainer at the Downtown Athletic Club a few weeks ago, and have been going twice a week, during the work day (the club is only a block away). I can tell its good for me, but the interruption of the work day is too time-costly, the thing is too dollar-expensive on even a medium term basis, and so I am going to rethink the exercise regime. Walter and I had a long talk last night about the issue and he has some suggestions.

Chambers and Partners is a British based law directory. Law directories are lists of lawyers whose lists, to one degree or another, are "selected." If you are a lawyer who practices long enough in the same locale and the same specialty and if you keep your nose clean, you are nice to people, and don't make too many mistakes that bite you or your clients, then you start to show up on these things. Chambers does these lists worldwide, and I showed up on the 2007 list for the first time to my knowledge. I learned yesterday that I show up again on the 2008 list, but with a "commentary". It was a nice birthday present. Chambers seeks to distinguish itself by having investigators call other lawyers in the community to determine a target lawyers' reputation. I have an idea that the investigator called my friend Sam Ullman. He is the only one who would use the "second mile" reference, other than perhaps myself. "Going the second mile" is, of course, a reference to one of Jesus' illustrations, and it's interesting that it has become one of Sam's staple descriptions of doing very good client work.

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