Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sean at Farnborough!

I've been reading in the WSJ this week about the aviation show at Farnborough, Egland, especially about the F-22 Raptor that will be put on display there. It is the greatest fighter in the world and this is, I think, the first time people get a real good look at it. (Unfortunately, Secretary of Defense Gates doesn't want it produced in any quantity, because he thinks the next war will be just like the ones we are fighting now.)

But more to the immediate point: Sean is there, working for Aviation Week! I want that job!

Here's his report (and be sure to watch the incredible video of the Raptor being put through its paces.)

Way to go, Sean!


Sean Meade said...

belated thanks for the link, Paul!

(and i happen to agree with SECDEF Gates that we need to spend our money other places, but that's a debate for another time :-)

Sean Meade said...

(of course, politically, part of the reason is they have to focus on the getting the F-35 Lightning Joint Strike fighter built)

Paul Stokes said...

Sean, I concede. Thanks for recalibration on this issue. What I read about Gates generally I really like. But what a cool plane!

Sean Meade said...

Paul: no need to concede and thanks for the reply!

yes, Gates is great and so is the F-22. but >$130M a pop is a lot of money (not that the F-35 will probably be much cheaper, but those are the breaks...)