Sunday, July 06, 2008


"Spicy Vegetarian Chili" from Carol's kitchen this evening!

UPDATE: Note the fresh green salad in the upper left hand corner and the bottles of oil and vinegar. The little bottle is extra virgin olive oil from Carbonell. As gifts, we bought several sets of these little bottles in the train station last April in Córdoba as we were leaving on the leg of our trip that would take us to Toledo. Carbonell has its own little store, there in the station. As one US retailer states about Carbonell:

Carbonell has been in Córdoba since the 19th Century, where it has produced a quality oil from the seemingly endless olive groves, which carpet the rolling hills of Andalucía. This extra virgin olive oil from Carbonell is the leading national brand of olive oil in Spain. Many of you who grew up in Spain remember that your mother had two Carbonell containers in her pantry. The green-labeled bottle of Extra Virgin Carbonell can be used with salads, fresh vegetables and gazpacho. This extra virgin oil has a mild but tasty blend of Andalucían olives.

Since our trip to Spain, I have taken to putting the oil and some balsamic vinegar on my salads. The vinegar is from Italy. The combinaton really gives the salad a great, fresh taste.

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Sean Meade said...

yep. first learned to eat salad in Spain with oil and vinegar. yummy!