Friday, July 04, 2008

A Miami Springs Fourth of July

Carol and I were home for the Fourth; the first time in many years, as we usually spend the Fourth at Montreat. But this year, with Mary coming home soon, then the rest of the family joining us in August, and finally the trip to Philadelphia, we thought we needed to be here this week. There was plenty here to do. Our church had a pancake breakfast that started at 7:30 AM. (Among others, the Tuttles came. Rick attends our Friday morning breakfast group, and with him this morning were Mary and their two beautiful daughters, Paloma and Anna. Larry was there too.)

Rick Reed brought his pickup over to be decorated for the parade. Carol and others worked on the truck. Then there was the parade itself, starting at the Rec Center and moving east to the Circle and finally up Curtis Parkway to the Miami Springs Country Club. The parade has grown much bigger than the last time we saw it. Chairs and vans lined the medians on both Westward and Curtis Parkway, and the parade line was more than a mile long.

The first short video is the FPC truck starting out from the Rec Center.

The second is the truck moving down Westward.

This evening, Carol fixed a great barbeque dinner, with chicken on the grill as well as fresh pineapple slices and ears of fresh corn. A big thunderstorm moved through as we were eating dinner, and I hope it passes by in time for the fireworks down at the golf course to go as scheduled. We just need a couple of grandchildren around here (and their parents, uncle and aunts) and all would be complete.

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