Monday, September 22, 2008

Macon Rice Crocker and WWII

Macon Rice Crocker was the father of Carol and Mary Ann and the maternal grandfather of Macon, Walter, and Mary.

Mary Ann sent us this article from the Greensboro News-Record that lists those from the congregation of West Market UM Church who served in WWII, and Mr. Crocker is among them.

Mary Ann recalls a photo of Mr. Crocker in uniform, and she is going to look for it. I believe I have seen that photo, and we may have a copy as well. If we do, we will put it up.

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Anonymous said...

i'm executor for my mother's estate and found among the pictures she left a picture of a young man, perhaps18-22yrs old on a mt. view(clouds,mts in the background)with the name macon crocker written on the back. i have a scan of it, if there is interest. did this young man(this is probably early 1900-1920) go to davidson college also?