Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weight-Watching: It's a Minefield Out There

As I struggle with getting "back to goal," I must say that it is really a minefield out there. Let me tell you about my week:

1. Monday: someone brought in a wicker basket full of home-baked muffins and put them in our office kitchen. I couldn’t resist and ate two of them. I went to the Session meeting Monday night. There's a candy dish on the church secretary's desk. I ate two pieces.

2. I went to a meeting Tuesday night, and told the people not to fix any food for me, even though we were to have a “light” supper. I took the half of sandwich I carefully put aside at lunch that day. Some kind person baked a wonderful dish for everyone, not many people came to the meeting, and I felt obliged to eat something of it, along with my half-sandwich. It was not a low-point dish.

3. Wednesday night was another social occasion with dinner from a fine cook, who is a person comfortable being over-weight, and I was socially compelled to eat the dinner. It was so good I went back for seconds, as I was expected to do.

4. Friday was a “pot luck” luncheon at our firm. I, of course, was compelled to eat something from everyone’s dish, including the dessert dishes.

Notice the victim language that I use above in referring to my inability to control my eating. It’s everyone else’s fault!

On the other hand, I learned today that a lawyer I know and respected died recently of a heart attack. He was a good bit over-weight. He carried it very well, however. As did my dad, who died of heart disease too.

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Sean Meade said...

you are right, Paul. it's very hard. for me, the easiest way to stay on my diet is to just eat at home. eating right/counting points anywhere else is so much harder.