Sunday, September 07, 2008

Who Are Your Five?

About Sarah Palin, an admiring pundit writes:

She is so absolutely, remarkably, spectacularly ordinary. I think the magic of Sarah Palin speaks to a belief that so many of us share: the sense that we personally know five people in our immediate circle who would make a better president than the menagerie of candidates the major parties routinely offer.

This made me stop and think about who I know in my "immediate circle" who would make such a "better President." I can immediately identify several in my immediate family; easily five or more in the Maris and Sewell families; three or more at the law firm; several in my church; a couple at the Friday morning breakfast; a number of clients; and one or two internet friends. This is not hard.

None of them, however, is "absolutely, remarkably, spectacularly ordinary." And I don't think Sarah Palin is, either.


Jana said...

I like Peggy Noonan's last column about Palin. She talks about Palin being a feminist, not in the "Gender Studies at Yale" way, but in the "How do you load this thang" way. :)

Paul Stokes said...

That's very good. I was interested to read that Palin was brought up in an AOG church, but that there came a point where she moved to an independent Evangelical church. That indicates to me the possibility of a spiritual journey, although others may see it as expediency. I am sure that her religious views will be examined relentlessly.