Wednesday, September 03, 2008

UM Unsafe?

As we get ready for the UM-UF game this weekend, this story from the Miami Herald describes why a Hollywood (FL) mom insisted that her son, a 'Canes fan, go to Gainesville rather than Coral Gables to play college football.

And let me add, "Thanks, Miami Herald, for another positive article. No one will ever accuse you of boosterism."

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Macon said...

Aidan, age 14, "Hey, Dad, what's a 'newspaper'?"

Me, "oh. Well, son, you see that's what we used to call a big stack of papers that told us about all the sales each day."

Aidan, "Why would you get a big stack of papers? Did you not have computers?"

Me, "they came in handy for things like washing windows and for, well . . . oh! I remember. We felt really good when we 'recycled.'"