Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah's Speech



Macon said...

I <3 Palin

Anonymous said...


Sean Meade said...

Carol: that's a sideways heart :-)

and, really, Paul and Macon, can you get behind the politics of attack without equivocation? just a 'WOW!' and a heart?

same to be said for the Dems, of course.

Paul Stokes said...

After all the rotten things people on the left had said about her and the way they attacked her through her daughter, I was so impressed with her poise and delivery.

It was a political speech, with all the license, hyperbole, and flag waving that such speeches always involve, and no can argue that it was not exactly within that genre. But no one should attack it simply because of it being a political speech. What is important is that it was a fine political speech, surprisingly so, and she was simply stunning.

What a great country!