Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dove Avenue Banana Plantation

It was inevitable.

UPDATE: Well, of course!

I purchased the banana plant pictured from Lowe's. The plant had a Lowe's tag, and it said that the banana variety is "Cavendish," also known, according to the tag, as Musa acuminata 'Cavandish'. The tag had other helpful information, and it gave a web address for "care instructions." There is more on the webpage for this plant than care instructions. For example,

The Cavendish (AAA Group) includes the following edible banana cultivars and cultivar subgroups:

* ‘Double’
* ‘Dwarf Cavendish’
* ‘Extra Dwarf Cavendish’
* ‘Giant Cavendish’ (and its cultivars)
* ‘Grand Naine’
* ‘Pisang Misak Hijau’ (the green ripe bananas)

The tag didn't say to which subgroup the banana plant we brought home belongs. My guess is that it is a "Grand Naine," which I understand to be the kind we buy at Publix that are grown by Chiquita. But we'll see.

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Macon said...

that ought to take care of 1/3 of your daily banana consumption.