Friday, May 29, 2009

Healthy Living on Decline in US

This, notwithstanding what we now know about the link between good nutrition, moderate weight, exercise, moderate drinking, and shunning cigarettes, on the one hand, and a relatively disease-free life, on the other. This example of man's inhumanity to himself is and will continue to be the key factor in rising health costs.

Yet we insist on health care for all and demand that government pay for it. Will it be any surprise, then, that government will soon regulate how and what we eat? And, of course, government will botch that effort, as it will the matter of universal health care. We will get the government we deserve. Such is the connection between individual choices, not only at the ballot box, but especially in all other aspects of our lives, and the way the nation goes.

Thinking like a Christian for a moment, the problem in Jeremiah's time was not Babylon, the problem was the choices being made by Jeremiah's people.

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