Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flash!! Dove Avenue Banana Plantation Doubles!

On the right in the photo is the newest addition, a "Goldfinger" banana plant from Katie's Going Bananas. More on the development of the Goldfinger here. It is also known as the FHIA-01.

In the photo's background is our compost box and a pile of compost on the right. We throw all our veggie kitchen scraps in the box, along with lawn and shrub clippings, and let them all cook down.

Composting is very important to the banana plants, because it keeps the soil warm and helps kill nematodes. Nematodes attack the roots of the banana plant, making it weak, subject to disease, with an adverse affect on the banana bunches. The Goldfinger may be better able to withstand the nematodes, but we are going to take no chances.

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