Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Elderly Man a Sensation in His Glennz Tee!

I had on my "Rock Me Amadeus" Glennz Tee at Roberts is Here yesterday. It was busy there, but it's always busy there. Anyway, I walked in and the first thing that happened was a group of young adults stopped and stared at me and my t-shirt. I wasn't sure whether it was the t-shirt or whether it was I, a sort of old guy, you know, wearing the t-shirt.

I walked on by, but later they walked by me, and one of the young women among them came up and said she liked my shirt. (You have to understand that this is not a usual thing for young women to come up to me and comment on my clothes, nor older women for that matter, nor any women, except Carol, when there's a mancha or the collar of my sports coat is turned-up.) She said she liked my shirt, and I told her that I bought it on the internet at Glennz Tees. She said, "Thanks" and left with a smile.

Made my day.

Or it would have made my day, had the banana plant we acquired earlier in the afternoon from Katie's Going Bananas not already made my day.


Walter said...

You're cutting edge, Dad. Vegan, Glennz-wearing...I don't even know what's next. I'll just have to pay attention to see what you decide it is and then follow suit.

Paul Stokes said...

Banana plants will grow in Austin. :)