Saturday, May 23, 2009

U of Chicago T Shirts

This subject is featured in an article in The Core: the College Magazine of the University of Chicago, which came with the May-June 2009 issue of the University of Chicago Magazine this time. The subject of T-Shirts generally is important to the Austin economy and, indirectly, to the Miami Springs economy, so this is a worthy subject to consider as it applies to my alma mater.

The article lists some "favorites," chief among them is Where fun comes to die, which is not fair. It may be true, but it's not fair.


Chicago dating - the odds are good, but the goods are odd

University of Chicago. When you sleep, we study

Where the squirrels are cuter than the girls.

Where the squirrels are more aggressive than the guys

The level of hell that Dante forget

It it were easy, it'd be your mom

U of C: Not UIC since 1892

If I wanted an A, I would have gone to Harvard.

Hell Does Freeze Over (You got that one right!)

Cresat Tutula, Universitys Ditetur (which is supposed to translate "By Increasing Tuition, Let the University Become Enriched")

Let the Sonnenschein in (which was created in 1993 to celebrate the inauguration that year of a new president, Hugo Sonnenschein)

The article reports:

"Mike Moebs, MBA '75, has two [UC T-Shirts]. One lists Chicago's Nobel laureates in economics. The other has a photo of Milton Friedman and George Stigler waking down a Hyde Park street. 'Either U of C T-shirt always, always gets someone to come up to me and start a conversation,' he writes. Sadly, his interlocutors 'are almost always older, distinguished men. Seldom do young, good-looking, intelligent, rich women approach me, which just reinforces that economics is the dismal science.'

Uh, Mike, if you got your MBA in '75, then you are just a year or two younger than I. Believe me, as to the women you profile, it ain't the T-Shirt.

Another one, this for the Model United Nations event: World peace in four days or your money back. The producers of that T-Shirt said "We were careful to ensure that the last line said - in Chinese - 'Just kidding!'"

Here's somebody else's favorite, obviously a Classics major:

Universitas Chicaginiensis/Universitatis Chicaginiensis/Universitate Chicaginiensi. I wish I had declined the University of Chicago sooner.

There is an event each year on campus called "Kuviasungnerk and Kangeiko." According to Wikipedia, this is a "festival celebrating Chicago in the winter. Often referred to as Kuvia, it entails a variety of events, including ice sculpting, hot chocolate get-togethers, musical performances, faculty fireside discussions, and a rigorous program of early morning exercise (kangeiko, a Japanese tradition of winter training) that culminates in a yoga-influenced "salute to the sun", performed outdoors in freezing temperatures just before the sun rises." The T-Shirt from 2008: Because the University of Chicago just isn't intense enough.

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