Saturday, May 09, 2009

What's a GMO?

I really like the Smart Balance Whipped Buttery Spread. It tastes as close to butter as I can remember anything tastes that is not butter. We were using it before I lost my mind.

As I was reading the label (which I am doing a lot these days), I read "100% Vegan - Non-Dairy - Non GMO . . . " There's that GMO thing again. I read that on the Amy's frozen dinner box the other night. Quick, ask the internet.

Genetically Modified Organism. That's a GMO. This is a no-no in Veganland. Go here for the scoop. But I made some money on my Monsanto stock that I sold early enough last year. Oh, well. I guess I won't buy back into Monsanto, although it's at a bargain price these days. This is hard.


Macon said...

those gmos are so terrible.

except that they have enabled folks to eat who otherwise have starved.

those evil evil gmos.

Paul Stokes said...

Vegan is an -ism. Too bad.