Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Does Exercise Build Knee Cartlilage?

I'm putting a lot of stress on my knees at Crossfit.  A friend of mine warned me about Crossfit several months ago; he said he tried it and "blew his knee out."  I talked to Dr. Mary about it, and she said, to the contrary, exercise will strengthen the knees.

So I googled the question, and got this.

The following is, furthermore, from the Livestrong website:

The long-held belief was that exercise aggravated joint cartilage loss due to the progressive nature of osteoarthritis. In 2005, Swedish researchers Leif Dahlberg and Ewa Roos utilized MRI technology to find evidence that exercise improved joint symptoms and function, as well as knee cartilage quality, in osteoarthritis sufferers. An exercise group enrolled in a supervised program of aerobic and weight bearing exercises three times weekly reported improved functional performance and gains in physical activity.

Pretty good article here, too.

At my box, the coaches are careful about the knees.  For example, in doing the squat, whether by itself or as part of another exercise, one keeps the front of the knee behind the front of the foot, the lumbar curve is flexed, one's chest is high, one's "butt" (a technical term used in Crossfit that my mom would never let me use) is sticking out, and the weight is back on the heels.  The coaches say that this should keep the knees from getting injured.

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