Friday, July 06, 2012

"No Child Left Behind" Law a Failure

Washington and Wisconsin are joining 24 other states that have earned waivers from the federal education law. Washington state education officials confirmed their state's waiver. The Wisconsin waiver was reported by The New York Times.

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The 10-year-old federal No Child Left Behind law requires all students to achieve proficient math and reading scores by 2014, a goal that many educators say is impossible. Last year, President Barack Obama announced an opportunity for states to avoid the law's requirements if they develop their own accountability systems.

Members of both parties agree the No Child Left Behind law is broken but have been unable to agree on how to fix it. 

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Critics also say the law has had the unintended effect of encouraging instructors to teach to the test and has led schools to narrow their curriculums.

-from a Fox News Report today.

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