Sunday, July 01, 2012

"One Baby Saves the Other" - God Saves them Both

When Gina came to our Hialeah Clinic last July with her husband Vit, she was determined to have an abortion.

They already had two children and could not make ends meet. On the other hand, Vit was distraught at the thought of terminating the life of their baby. Even though they were in a financial hardship, Vit had faith and stated "God never makes mistakes." However, Gina was being pressured with the reality of the economic crisis everyone faces today. Gina cried all through the counseling session while Vit silently listened. He knew what his wife was saying was true but his heart was filled with faith and knew God would somehow provide for them.

Gina went for the ultrasound to confirm a viable pregnancy while Vit waited outside. Leslie, our ultrasound technician had the opportunity to speak to Gina about God's perfect plan for her life, her family and for the baby in her womb. Before Leslie proceeded with the ultrasound, Gina asked if Vit could come in the room. Leslie agreed but Vit said he did not want to be any part of an abortion. Leslie assured him abortion was never an option at Heartbeat of Miami. To everyone's amazement two perfect little babies appeared on the ultrasound screen. Vit and Gina were expecting twins. Leslie was speechless. This has happened at our clinics many times. One baby saves the other. Jesus touched Gina's heart and she was transformed. "Oh God, I believe in You. I know You will never abandon me, please forgive me for almost killing my babies." Vit dropped to his knees lifting up his hands to the Lord and thanking God for twins.

-from "The Faith of a Father," at the Heartbeat of Miami website.  I'm honored to say that Heartbeat headquarters at FPC Miami Springs.  Donna is on its board.

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