Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Report from PFR regarding PC(USA)'s 2012 General Assembly

[T]he real story of the 220th General Assembly was not in vote counts. From the liturgical draping of the cross in rainbow stoles during opening worship to the soap opera surrounding the vice moderatorial election, from commissioners openly challenging one another to greater defiance of our polity and Confessions to several instances of agenda-driven preaching, it was abundantly clear that, no matter what our constitution might say, an increasing number of ordained Presbyterians will behave as they see fit. Any bridge remaining over the gaping divides in the PC(USA) would appear to be scheduled for demolition by the hubris of the Left, even as the rhetoric of “unity” and repeated moderatorial attempts at collegial interaction punctuated the docket.

Of almost equal concern was a pervasive atmosphere of “summer camp” at this meeting of the largest Presbyterian body in North America. Simple decorum befitting the Body of Christ joined biblical faithfulness and ecumenical sensitivity as seemingly disposable accessories.

-from "A Pastoral Letter from PFR Following the 2012 General Assembly"

From other observers regarding the rainbow and the cross imagery, here and here.

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