Sunday, January 15, 2006

Blah blah blah holiness,
yesterday Kellsey and I went to the shooting range!

We went with Dad (Paul) and Mr. Dewhurst. Between Dad, Mr. Dewhurst, and renting, we got to shoot all these pistols: Glock 22 (.40 cal), Glock 26 (9mm, aka the "Baby Glock"), Colt 1911 (.45 cal, not a replica, an actual WWII service pistol), Walther PPK (.38 cal, James Bond's gun!), Ruger 6 shooter (.357 magnum, a cowboy gun!), and Smith & Wesson M-642 (.38 Special).

It was even more fun than I thought it would be, and Kellsey was a really good shot! Generally, when Kellsey was shooting, Dad, Mr. Dewhurst and I would all gather behind her and watch. At one point, after she drilled the bull's eye repeatedly, Mr. Dewhurst turned to me and said, "Maybe you want to re-think this."

This morning teeth brushing was more difficult, as my right hand, shoulder, pectoral and lat were all sore. Now, this was before my first cup of coffee, so it took me almost the entire teeth brushing time to figure out the reason for the aches.

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