Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sponsorships Available
It's less than one year to 2007, the 10th anniversary of my graduating from Davidson College. I hope that there will be a Mr. Davidson Competition to accompany the other officially sanctioned 10 year reunion festivities.

The Mr. Davidson Competition is a decathalon of sorts, in its last incarnation consisting of:
  • standing broad jump
  • 100 meter dash
  • mile run
  • cinder-block carry: moving a pile of cinderblocks from point A to point B
  • laundry bag survival: keeping a brown paper wrapped package of clean laundry away from the rest of the competitors in an enclosed space, the time stopping when said package is ripped apart and laundry is spilled on ground. (Did I mention that Davidson does your laundry for you? The brown paper packaging can be viewed here.)
  • basketball throw: throwing for distance
  • spelling bee
  • car push: wherein one is timed while pushing a car in neutral a set distance
  • Mr. D relay: a shuttle run where you begin with a head-down-on-the-bat & spin around, at each touchpoint you must eat part of a McDonald's Meal (cheeseburger, small fries, coke), and before finishing must memorize and recite a line from Shakespeare, all the while wearing a packpack full of books
  • pole hang: hanging from a chin-up bar for as long as possible

    At the last competition, Will Baldwin walked away as Mr. Davidson, while I finished firmly in the last quarter of the field. Happily, I was not Mr. Dickenson, the last place finisher.

    Now that we're close to a year away, I'm saying it now: I will be Mr. Davidson at the end of the next competition. I've begun my strict training regimen which currently consists of running every once and a while. But this is just the beginning! (I don't want to peak too early.)

    To all would-be sponsors: if your price is right, I will happily wear your company's apparel/logo or eat/drink your company's food/drink during the competition. If the price is mediocre, I will grudgingly wear it/eat/drink it.

    UPDATE: 1.23.2006 Due to the overwhelming response, I added links to photos of the events!
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