Saturday, January 28, 2006

Oh, Yeah!

If we come to [nature] with the assumption that it is a creation, we shall study it with awe; if assuming it to be a system, with mere curiosity.

-Cardinal Newman in The Tamworth Reading Room, as quoted in the review by Oakes which I cite below.

I know this sounds a little ridiculous in light of Newman's sublime statement, but I look at what I see in Amateur Radio with a specie of this sort of awe. To think that God, in his great plan before the beginning thought to include an ionosphere, a thing which several millennia after that beginning facilitated worldwide communications by providing a ceiling around the earth from which to bounce radio signals like ping-pong balls - it amazes me.

I really can't get my head around all of creation (who can?). For that matter, I can't get my head around the marvel of the members of my family and the richness of the love that it pulses. But ham radio I can get a little inside of and get an idea of how that section of creation seems to work. The awe there is somewhat particularized and somewhat accessible (though barely) to my small mind, and I can just begin to deal with it. The richness of family, on the other hand, not to mention the rest of creation, simply leaves me slack-jawed and awe-struck into unintelligibility.

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