Sunday, January 29, 2006

Miami (half) Marathon

It was a beautiful morning for a run in Miami.

-wake-up time: 4.45 am

-time on metrorail, from Earlington Heights to Government Center: 15 minutes

-the course.

-start time: 6am

-temperature: 70

-number of people I ran with: 11,000?

-cruise ships passed: 4

-bridges traversed: 6

-causeways travelled: 2

-sunrises seen: 1

-port-o-john stops: 2

-cups of water taken: 4

-cup of gatorade: 1

-power gels consumed: 1

-glimpses of the man in the gold daisy dukes: 2

-prostitutes along the way: 2

-crazy homeless folks who joined the run for a bit: 3

-collapsed runners: 1

-miles run: 13.13 (that extra .03 is what I figure I traveled from the shotgun start to the actual starting line...which took me about 5 minutes in the slow traffic)

-marathoners who finished all 26.2 before I finished 13.1: 0 (phew!)

-race time: 2:09:47

-pace/mile: 9:55 (geez! that's too slow! we'll run faster next time, or at least take fewer bathroom breaks.)

post race details:

-bananas consumed: 2

-power bars: 1

-orange slices: 9

-bottles of water: 1

-parents found: 2

-pictures taken: 7

-salsa bands playing: 1

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