Monday, January 02, 2006


Carol is definitely the techie at our house (and at the office). Desperately looking for a creative birthday gift idea last summer, I gave her an iPod Mini. With help from children, she's moved a lot of her favorite songs over, and she carries it and listens to it on the train and elsewhere. For Christmas, Santa put a JBL portable speaker system in her stocking, and I, in setting it up for her iPod, got to know the iPod itself a lot better. I'm hooked.

So I need some advice. Should I get the Nano or the standard iPod? Should I move away from Apple and get some other kind of MP3 player? I think I will be listening not only to music, but also to commentary. (For example, Walter and Morgan gave me a set of CDs of lectures by Francis Schaeffer on "True Spirituality". [Super lectures.] If I had a small MP3 player, I would transfer the lectures to the machine. I also get issues of audio "magazines" in CD form, and I could transfer them to the MP3 player.)

What think ye?

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