Tuesday, January 17, 2006


or, another reason why living in Austin is appropriate

Morgan and I are taking the 15 week Perspectives course.

Steve Hawthorne, the author of the Perspectives curriculum, study guide and the editor of the text book anthology was the speaker tonight. I can't recall three hours better spent. At the start, I thought he had some sort of hyperthyroidic condition, something was very familiar about his manner. We kept up, though, and it was awesome.

What was most excellent was the way he dropped references, "this is sort of the prequel to life...sort of how we needed a prequel to answer the question 'How did my father get to be such an evil dude?' we had to have the prequel sort it out" or "this isn't like trogdor burning houses here"

What is most appropriate is that Steve Hawthorne, rockstar that he is, lives in Austin and is a teaching elder at Hope Chapel here in town. They haven't posted his talk tonight--I just got home from it--but they do have some of his sermons from Hope Chapel that I'm sure are excellent. You can find those sermons here.

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