Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Amateur Radio Society of Kenya. I am thinking of taking a small ham radio station over to Kenya, when we visit Mary at the end of November. Kenya has its own amateur radio organization, the Amateur Radio Society of Kenya. One part of its website deals with licensing of visitors. We will be there such a short time that I am hoping that, possibly with Mary's help, I can get the license issued before I arrive.

Another issue is deciding what equipment to take and determining how to transport it. This might be a good rig to take.

Maybe RVA has a junior high science teacher that would like to start a radio club with the students. I would like to meet him/her if it does.

The US has a very large and venerable amateur radio association, the American Radio Relay League, also known as the ARRL. I'm going to seek the help of some of its people in planning the trip.

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