Monday, September 25, 2006

Good Habits
That's really The Secret (TM). I'm more and more a fan of Getting Things Done (GTD), but at the end of the day, the success & brilliance of GTD is it's ability to enable one to create good habits.

Good Habit #1: Regularly & thoroughtly look at everything over which you have any responsibility.
Good Habit #2: Consistently work on something in that group.

Please take my word for it, GTD makes it so much easier to develop those habits. But it does not magically give you those good habits, nor does it make them any less habits. Which means that, like any good habit, they are vulnerable to the slack off syndrome, as well as to falling out of, well, "habit" status.

You don't need GTD if you already have both Good Habits down. If you have both of those Good Habits running, then chances are you've figured out your own system for how you're going to look at everything regularly and then consistently work on something in that list. Awesome for you! For the rest of us, GTD helps a bunch. (And, frankly, I suspect your system will probably look remarkably like GTD, and vice versa.)

Fundamentally, most things come down to Good Habits, darn it. Spending time with the Lord & with Family, being patient, thinking well, speaking well, writing well, blogging well, shooting well, eating well, staying in shape: all have to do with Good Habits.

And, by the way, [insert Nun clothing joke here]!

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