Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"A Man . . . Rejects Passivity" This is one of the four characteristics of manhood that was part of the teaching that Austin enjoyed during his recent father/son expedition out West. In this week's World magazine, I note an ad by BethanyHouse for several books, among them one with a catchy title, Married But Not Engaged. The blurb in the ad made me think of the problem of male passivity that Austin's seminar addressed. The blurb is as follows:

One couple [the authors] explains the forces that make husbands passive and offers advice for wives on how to handle issues of anger, respect, and resentment toward this passivity. They also show practical ways to nurture intimacy.

What are "the forces that make husbands passive"? A life with no vision in it. Feeling stuck in a routine. Insufficient exercise of body and intellect. A sense of powerlessness. A wife that is angry, dispectful and resentful because of one's passivity (a vicious, vicious cycle). What are your candidates? Your solutions?

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