Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Stikipad. Earlier I posted about our interest in some sort of knowledge base for the firm. There were some encouraging comments about the concept, but no ringing endorsements of particular software applications.

My friend Rick from our Friday breakfast group sent me a link to Stikipad. My initial reaction is WOW! We need to plumb the security issues, but, Yes!, that's exactly it.

I am wondering whether there is something like that we can install on an intranet rather than the internet. But if we are careful about identifying client data, maybe we can risk the internet.

There is a sort of urgency about this, because we just made an offer to a newly minted lawyer to join us as an associate. If she accepts, this is the first time we will have brought in a lawyer who has no significant prior legal experience. We will all be mentors to her (if she accepts the offer). That's the "old fashioned" way of developing a good lawyer, but less and less used these days. Having a knowledge base to which she could refer would be a big help.

The suggestion box is still open!

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