Thursday, September 28, 2006

WorldMag Plums. World Magazine posts articles from its past issues when it publishes a new hard copy issue. That is a very nice thing, and, as I am usually an issue or two behind reading the hard copy, when I do get into the magazine, I can instantly link to articles that may be of interest to the K&K community. I am reading the September 23 issue now.

Mary would be especially interested in "Low Fidelity", because the article discusses the International AIDS Conference in Toronto that was held in August, and it touches on the much derided (at the conference) ABC anti-AIDS education efforts in Africa, and specifically mentions the efforts in Kenya and Uganda.

Parents of little boys (and girls) would find Janie B. Cheaney's column "The Vanishing Schoolboy" interesting.

Those of us recently returned from a two year journey with Job (and anyone who has ever lost a child or sibling to an untimely death) would find Marvin Olasky's column, Corruption and Providence, especially compelling.

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