Thursday, September 14, 2006

Failing to Get the Facts. This blog is so much fun. Big Boy Rooms, Weapons of Mass Destruction, cross dialogs going on in the comments, dialogs going on blog-to-blog - amazing.

I have to say more about "fact-finding", a search that I suppose the post-modern mind would say is a waste of time (not that I am an expert on the post-modern mind). But fact-finding is almost everything in life. ("Do you love me, today? Now? I need to know.") Our daily lives seem calculated to prevent us from finding the facts, because they are so busy and hurried. ("She just smiled at you. Did you notice?") We really must slow down the pace, not because the pace itself wears us out, but so that we can observe carefully what is happening. If there are too many issues for which we have assumed responsibility, then we have no time to do the fact-finding to resolve those issues reasonably. That is why David Allen is so appealing. His process helps us see that there are too many things going on in our lives for us to plan and execute in the right way. That is what I get from Getting Things Done - not the techniques so much as the undeniable inference that we are just too busy.

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