Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Coffee, Anyone?

Interesting article from the Herald that addresses the question of whether caffeine is "healthy." It should address the question, does it matter whether it's healthy? Fortunately, there is no animal protein in it, unless you add dairy. None of our kids would ever visit if we went off coffee. We won't be.


Macon said...

we would visit you, we just would fall asleep all the time, or be grumpy, or jittery.

nowait, that's what happens when you have kids.

what was I talking about again?

Paul Stokes said...

I saw no grumpiness or jitteryness during your visit. And you did bring the kids. Wait . . . Mom got pretty grumpy about my putting "the Robber" on one of her places in Settlors of Kataan during your visit. And we have kids. And she only drinks decaffeinated drinks.