Saturday, August 08, 2009

Saturday Morning Back Home

Yesterday morning we awakened to another beautiful day in Toronto, but it was time to go home. We packed up our things, had another wonderful breakfast at our B&B, bailed Mary's car out of a nearby parking lot, drove south through the city streets, and then west onto the QEW, backtracking along Lake Ontario. An hour later, we crossed into "the States" downstream of the falls a mile or so at Lewisburg, and turned south toward Buffalo. In about 25 minutes we were at the Buffalo airport, and suddenly there was Mary driving away, leaving us with our bags in front of the doors to the SW Airlines check-in counter: a very sad moment. The flight to Ft. Lauderdale was "direct," meaning there was an intermediate stop (in Tampa) but not long thereafter we reached our destination. Then it was home to Miami Springs by 8PM. So here we are again, thoughts of going into the office this morning warring with fresh memories of a wonderful trip.

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