Thursday, February 09, 2012

Getting Started with Stott's "Through the Bible"

Some friends of mine are interested in picking up John Stott's Through the Bible - Through the Year, Daily Reflections from Genesis to Revelation (Baker Books 2006) to aid their daily devotions.  It has readings set up something like a lectionary, following the Christian calendar as Stott has modified it for purposes of the book.  The book begins with "Week I:Creation" and progresses more or less through the Bible for 52 weeks. We are not dealing with a calendar year here.

Where do you begin if you pick up the book later in the year than the first week?  If one is beginning during the first third of the year, Stott advises on page 8 as follows:

The best way to keep in step with the Christian calendar is to pinpoint the date of Easter in the year in which you are using the book.  Then during the two weeks before it .  .  . we can read the meditations set for Week 31 .  .  . and Week 32.  On Easter Day itself, and during the remaining days of Easter Week, we can then read the meditation set for Week 33.

Today is Thursday, February 9, 2012.  Today's reading, "Forgive Us Our Sins," is on page 204.  It is part of "Week 24: The Lord's Prayer."  This is a delightful way to start the day.

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